Commodity ingots without fail are exposed to the ultrasonic test and the chemical analysis.


Ingots are made by means of double or triple VAR. Uniformity of a chemical compound on volume of an ingot is guaranteed by technology of reception of spent electrodes a method of portion pressing which is not having analogues in world titanium manufacture. Ingots are exposed to machining of a surface.

After partial machining, ingots pass the ultrasonic test.

Electrode compaction

VSMPO produces ingots from CP titanium and a number of Ti alloys for both industrial and aerospace application with the diameter of up to 1150 mm and with the weight of up to 9.5 tons. There is a technical opportunity of manufacture of ingots up to 18 tons.

Round ingots are produced by double or triple VAR of compacted electrodes made by semi-continuous extrusion of charge materials on vertical hydraulic presses with the capacity of 10.000 tons. This method allows producing large solid electrodes with homogeneous chemical compound of the ingot. At this, welding of separate block is not used which prevents contamination of starting metal with gas saturated inclusions.

Charge materials contain sponge titanium, recycled scrap, master alloys and pure alloys. VSMPO performs 100% visual inspection of all raw materials.

Charge materials are titanium sponge, crushed scrap, master alloys, and pure elements. The VSMPO process is characterized by 100 % visual inspection of all raw materials. The control of vacuum-arc melting parameters per specially developed programs minimizes alloy content segregation.

In addition, VSMPO has unique skull furnaces where the entire electrode is melted into the horizontal crucible with the metal poured into to the uncooled mould. This process ensures chemical homogeneity across the entire cross section of the ingot.

A new plasma-arc cold hearth furnace assembled in co-operation with Retech advances increased metal quality, reliability, and lifetime. Plasma-arc melting allows the efficient production of extra-pure materials for rotor grade parts (blade, disk).

Technical Data on Ingots:

AlloyConditions of Delivery
Ti-4Al-4Mo-2Sn (IMI550)BS TA 46, BS TA 47, BS TA 48, BS TA 51-54, 57
Ti-10V-2Fe-3AlAMS 4983, AMS 4984, AMS 4986, AMS 4987, BMS-7-260, D6-1276
Ti-15V-3Al-3Cr-3Cn AMS 4914
Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo AMS 4919, AMS 4975, AMS 4976
Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo AMS 4981, MIL T 9047
Ti-6Al-7Nb (IMI367)ASTM F 1295
Ti-6Al-6V-2SnAMS 4911, AMS 4936, AMS 4971, AMS 4978, MIL T 9046, MIL T 9047
Ti-8Al-1Mo-1VAMS 4915, AMS 4916, AMS 4972, AMS 4973, MIL T 9046, MIL T 9047
Ti-6Al-4VAMS 4928, MIL T 9046, MIL T 9047
Russian alloysOST 1 90013, OST 1 92077, GOST 19807