VSMPO produces forgings of different shape and application from all domestic and international titanium alloys, alloyed steels, and nickel-based heat-resistant alloys.

These forgings include structural, landing gear, blade and hemisphere forgings in the wide range of geometries with the plan area from 100cm³ to 35000 cm³.
VSMPO utilizes the most powerful 75000 ton hydraulic press, 30000, 20000, 4000 and 2000 ton hydraulic presses and several 5600 and 6300 ton hydraulic screw presses as well as 4, 6, 13 and 23 ton forging hammers.

In 2002 the 30000 and 75000 ton hydraulic presses were equipped with automated control systems which maintain the required die rate and forging force during the forging process.

The 75000 and 30000 ton hydraulic presses are used for slab closed die forging; 6000 ton hydraulic presses are used for free forging of slsbs that are subsequently processed on rolling mills.

VSMPO has a powerful tool-making facility.
Every year VSMPO masters 20-30 additional part numbers including unique landing gear forging for wide airplane.

VSMPO has mastered production of a family of unique Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al bogie beam forgings for Boeing 777 and A-380 projects with maximum weight up to 3240 kg and overall dimensions of 4200 mm.

Technical Data on Forgings:

Ti6Al4VAMS 4928, BMS 7-247, BMS 7-269, BS2TA12, BS2TA13, IGC04.40.121
Ti-10V-2Fe-3AlBMS 7-260, AMS 4984
Ti-6Al-6V-2SnAMS 4978
Ti - alloysOST 1 90000
VST 5553BMS 7-360, MTL 3103