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We have specialised in the distribution of the high-quality titanium products from our holding company, VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation - the largest manufacturer of titanium and titanium alloy worldwide, domiciled in Verchnhaja Salda close to Yekaterinburg in the Ural Mountain region of the Russian Federation. Sensitive to our customers needs, VSMPO TiRus seeks to provide seamless supplies to ensure production continuity. VSMPO TiRus also supports customers with service provision offering numerous added value processes.

Titanium - a material with unique properties

New engineering innovation would be restricted without Titanium. Lightweight, strong, ductile, corrosion and temperature resistant, titanium is used wherever these facets are required. Applications include automotive, medical and the general engineering sectors, titanium is increasingly found in the leisure and electronics industry and in the field of renewable energies. This lightweight metal with its low density is particularly indispensable in the aerospace industry where new aircraft designs incorporates increasing volumes, specifically for our prime contracts with Airbus, Boeing and Rolls-Royce.

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